Wednesday, August 12, 2015

In loving memory of Ms. Maggie

I wonder how downfall of a product affects one’s lifestyle and the choice

2 minutes noodles had become part of every house, every kid inspired by those yumilicious advertisements pooping in every 2 minutes in commercial breaks. Mouth-watering as depicted, it had become easy to cook dish for every mom in hurry.

Aren’t the kids missing it anymore? Where have they turned their face to? Yippie… Snoopies… Top Ramen… Brands are many. I see those advertisements which air now-a-days to address budding concerns- “We are Safe! We have techniques that produce safe noodles”. But do we really care? Do we really read the ingredient and safety clause on the packets we buy from market? Are we really banking upon the substitutes?

I really wonder when I peep in my kitchen for 2 min snack options. Ms. Maggie, once upon a time was snacks queen at my home too. But Mr. Lead, the howling scoundrel damaged its market share to such an extent that we have abandon our queen to be crushed in Cements Factory.

Today, we as human beings adapt to every changing situation in moments time. I hardly miss Ms. Maggie. One option gone, adapt with others, we know how to move ahead. But those pesky kids? It seems, they are the ones who adapt to changes even more quickly.

Alas! Business can’t heal the burns in moment’s time. It takes eons to recover from damage, resurrect from its own ashes (quite literally). Nestle may take time but it would come back as it says. (Don’t know how long, today I read it, government has filed case on behalf of consumers. Did they bother to check lead content in substitute products? Top Ramen contains even higher % as per one of the article in newspaper). But have we ever wondered about those tea and snack stalls in every nook n corner, how are they making their business now? My College life, like life of every DU student in north campus revolved around Tom Uncle’s Maggie. If I travel back in memory lanes, it will bring dripping saliva from my mouth. Even those trips to hill stations bring memory of friends sitting on hill top, amazing weather and hot steamy Maggie for our hunger after long treks. Maggie recall must have burnt bigger holes in the pockets of these vendors.

p.s: Pic courtsey- one of the food clubs where a lady posted hand made cake in memory of Ms. Maggie

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