Friday, January 3, 2014

Random albeit deep thoughts..

Your Next Step
In any undertaking, the first step is vitally important. Just as important, though, is the next step.

It’s great and exciting to make a strong start. Yet what really makes a difference is continuing the effort after the initial excitement fades.

Success is achieved not just by taking the first, impressive and exciting step. Success comes from taking the next step, and the next and the next, until the work is done.

Today is your opportunity, with each thing you’ve started, to take the next step. Today is when success is built.

The next step may not be as glamorous as the first step or the last. Yet it is precisely that next step that will take you from the hopeful beginning to the successful finish.

Honor your commitment by taking the next step. The path to success is here and now, so keep on going and make that success yours.

Shake up the happiness

At every moment we must shake off the past like falling dust, that it may not soil the virgin path which, at every moment also, is opening before us. May our mistakes, acknowledged and rectified within us, be no more than vain mirages powerless to bring any consequences and, pressing our foot down firmly upon all that no longer should exist, on all ignorance, all obscurity, all egoism, may we take our flight boldly towards wider horizons and intenser light, a more perfect compassion, a more disinterested love. . .

Its Me
I have a name
But until you name me.
I have a form
But until you shape me.
I exist
But until you make me,
I am creativity.

I am waiting deep inside you
Touch my spark
And let me light you,
Give me life
And I'll revive you
I am creativity.

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