Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What am I searching for..

I am a lonely path of broken dreams,
It is heaven that i am searching for..

All these stars seem dull to me,
It is the moon that I'm searching for..

Happiness is so angry at me,
It is the joy I'm searching for..

There is crowd around me at all times,
It is a soul that I'm searching for..

My life is like an endless road,
It is destination I'm searching for...

Don't know what is it that I have lost,
May be it is me that I am searching for..

P.S- Courtesy "Nanu" :)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Self Control- "Even the best man stray"!

Self control is an oddly treacherous thing. The instant you think you have mastered it, it deserts you, suddenly and without warning!

He promised never to betray
suppressing the idea in a bray
failing in letting it go away
even the best man stray!

Is he the obvious candidate of adultry
Succumbing to the world's mockery
deafening himself to HIS advisory
resting in his own aery

Drawn in a battle array
Why do you affray
burning the sole in ashtray
even best man stray!