Sunday, August 31, 2008


It was a small pebble
found at a sea shore
perceived as fribble
formed out of some ore.

It was beautiful and mellow
curvaceous and lustrous
bright with a tinch of yellow
under the sun it seemed outragious.

He noticed it & touched it
took it in his hand
it jumped out of euphoria,oouch!
was back on sand.

It wished to see him again
but he had gone
searched him, but all in vain
alas! was left all alone.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lost in the mob

A thousand voiceless faces
cast in the same mold
silently urging you
to do as you're told.

A thousand faceless voices
speak in the same tone
urging you to suppress
the song of your own.

Fight to rise above the mob
for when all is told and done
all you really have to show
is d little individuality you've won.

A journey through time & space,
trying to bridge the miles & years,
between where I find myself,
& a place I used to call home.

Hollow shells of brick & stone,
shadows of ghosts that were friends,
the closer I am to where I was,
The more a stranger am I to myself.

p.s: taken from "Mix-ology"