Saturday, July 19, 2008

Don't Quit

When things go wrong,
as they sometimes will.
when the road you're trudging,
seems all up hill.

When funds are low,
and debts are high,
and u want to smile,
but u have to sigh.

when care is pressing,
you down a bit,
rest if u must....
but don't u quit.

Life is strange,
with its twists and turns,
as everyone of us,
sometimes learns.

And many a failure,
turns about,
when he might have won,
had he stuck it out.

Don't give up,
though the pace seems low,
you may succeed,
with another blow.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

अहसास .......

ये बारिश की बूँदें,
ये कड़कती बिजली,
ये हवा का झोका,
ये झूमती शाखाएँ,
ऐसी है निशा जो मन को भाए

ये कैसा है पल,
ये कैसी है हलचल,
ये कैसी है तूफानी रात,
हो रही है बरसात,
ऐसी है निशा जो मन को भाए

विचित्र है यह क्षण ,
पुलकित है यह मन,
कोमल सा है एहसास
यह पल है कुछ ख़ास,
ऐसी है निशा जो ख्वाब दे जाए

ये ओस की बूंदे ,
ये सूरज की किरणे ,
ये चहचहाती चिडियां,
ये भोर का नज़ारा,
एसा है प्रभात जो मन लुभाए

यह खुशनुमा एहसास,
यह जीवन का आगाज,
यह पल है कुछ ख़ास,
मन में है अटूट विश्वास ,
अजीब है जीवन का खेल जो मन को भाए

p.s : wrote it yesterday when it was raining hard.... rain brings smile to everyone's face.

Tomorrow gonna be better.

Is it called trouble,
she sees it only doubles.
Or does it mean good time begins,
she is fighting hard to win.

does glory too magnifies,
who is the one to define.

As momentry as bubble,
everything crumbles.
be it sudden pain,
or feeling of in sane.

Nothing lasts forever,
change gonna stay everywhere.

everyday she wakes up,
with the hope she wont give up.
but at point of time she fears,
this bursts her into tears.

Her determination sails her through wordly affairs,
it shows wider perspective,decisions are fair.

Whatever happened today,
she will find a better day.
her positive look will matter,
tomorrow gonna be better.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Life is becoming a mind twister
Ah! it is giving me blisters.

Sometimes flinching out of fear
I brood over speed at first gear.

Is it the one keeping me busy?
All I feel is am in state of tizzy.

Why am I becoming so grouchy?
rarely humble and often touchy.

Everything is so berserk
Can it be over with a jerk?

Life is not so easy rather tough
It teaches lessons n makes one rough.

Call it a urge or spark of fire
It is high time,work is dire.

Trying hard to collect d pieces of this puzle
It is difficult but would not fizzle(out).

A person can choose one's attitude
to reach high degrees of altitude.

One needs to search d soul
wander about n finds one goal.

I am becoming a believer.
things will definitely sound familiar.