Monday, April 16, 2007

Never Expect...

It seems a pessimistic approach , but its true with evryone.The more you expect n the more u get frustrated. Not to expect is one step ahead in ladder of being happier.If you don't expect n still u get ,it gives a scintilating affect of surprise.Why not to stop brooding on what you don't get from others,rather appreciate what you possess.
But its in human nature to EXPECT.One expects n if it is not fulfilled,emotions get scattered.But why should I take things to heart.Different situations teaches different lessons...
It is better not to expect anything from anyone-it may be ur frnds,family or very closeones. Just learn n live happily."GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES"

Monday, April 9, 2007

25 things i want to do before i die:-

Hey!!! I got a topic to write. So now atleast my frnds wont complain...
My first post after 4 months of creation of my blog......

  1. Visit my hostel again. It has been 4 yrs since i went last time.
  2. Visit pondicherry atleast once every year.
  3. Be in shape n exercise regularly.
  4. See a time lapse, so that i enter my child hood again.I cherish those chirpy moments.
  5. Live my life without regrets n never to fail in giving my best.
  6. be patient n always smile even at tough situations.
  7. realise why i m born n accomplish my tasks.As everyone is born with some predefined duty.
  8. live a day w/o being selfish .
  9. And yes , wanna Nishi to return my chilhood pics.
  10. Meet my old friends- list is endless. All are in diff states.
  11. have a get together with all youth campers i met in begining of this year.
  12. Explore my country from kashmir to kanyakumari.
  13. See all wonders of the world.
  14. have a world tour.
  15. learn swimming n lawn tennis.
  16. learn classical form of dances n also shake my leg on westurn beats.
  17. come on t.v- as a newsreader or anchor or host or celibrity or even as a audience.
  18. oh! yes be regular with updating my blog.
  19. play football again... those were memorable sessions of 1 hr daily.
  20. spend a day on a island with my friends.
  21. go to some hill stations with only my sisters, like last time of mussoorie trip.That was great fun.
  22. Fly high n high n high.... never to come down.
  23. concentrate myself at least for few hours.
  24. Jump from high cliff. Huh! it would be thrilling.
  25. ......

P.S: last one is blank so dat i may fill it with some solid n concrete thing.Donno whn wud i realise it.