Thursday, April 10, 2014

Prominent Autowallas

Sometimes conversations with strangers leaves everlasting mark on your brain. Off lately I have been traveling to different parts of Delhi/NCR  in Auto and striking random conversations. Let me share some snippets with my readers ...

Incident 1:  It was one of the day  before witnessing  State Assembly election and choosing our Chief Minister for Delhi.

Me:  Pointing  to one auto walla  reading newspaper at the stand. Bhaiya, drop me to place XYZ... meter on kar lena.
Autowalla1: (Bhaiya being busy in churning his thoughts and matching his ideologies with AAP - AAM Aadmi Party)
Madam is baar to Arvind ji ko hi lana hai, bahut hua bhrastachaar.  Lagta hai  samay aa gaya hai , ab aam janta ki bhi  koi sunega.
Me: Accha bhaiya, ye dhaarna kaise banayi aapne.
AW1: Nai madam, hum mile hai unse... acchi soch wala ab koi aya hai rajneeti mein.
Me: This man is really marking his impression among autowalla segment. I second his thoughts.

Incident 2 : On the way to home I was instructed to shop for some groceries for home
Me: bhaiya , ek baar is mother dairy pe rok dena.
Auttowalla 2: Madam, aap bhi le lo mein bagal mein dominos se pizza le leta hun.
Me: Oh, ya ya
AW2: Madam, meri beti bahut dino se jidd kar rahi hai.. aaj le jata hun. Kya karun, " betiyan hoti hi itni pyaari hai"
Me. Awestruck with this father daughter bond. Some incidents guide your next steps..I too got pizza packed for my sister. .. Small surprise for her.

Incident 3: While going to metro station in auto.
Me: To bhaiya ab bhi aapne AAP ki topi pehni hui hai. Ab to sarkaar gir gayi.
Autowalla 3: Madam, bus pehne hue hai ... koshish to thi unki  bijli pani ke daam kam krne ki. Par ab pata ni kya hoga, cyclinder ke  subsidy wale paise wapis milenge bhi ya ni.
Party acchi thi,  par bahumat ni mila to party hi ni banate..  ab banaya to istifa ni dena chahiye tha. topi bhi pehne hue hai par sir pe jhadoo thoda achca ni lagta.
Me: Kyun bhai, jhadoo to safai ka pratik hai.
AW3: Chihn to kuch aur le leta jaise ki jeena ( uper chadne ka pratik) ya fir bulb ( roshni ka pratik)
Me: Again awestruck with his thoughts.

Incident 4: I stopped an auto and asked to take me to the place XYZ.
Autowalla 4: ( Dressed in jeans and cool tee, a look alike of my college admin staff , low volume of  radio F.M, very clean auto, almost new) Asked the destination again and started the auto.
(On the way , his phone rang.. slowing the volume of radio...)
AW1: "Hi, I am driving right now, would not be able to review your project, is it the one at chandigargh..."
Me:  Already impressed by his clean auto and his attire... Again awestruck with his fluency in English.
I asked " Is it your part time profession?"
AW4:" No, I am full time professional driver" ( Full Stop. Volume of radio was again high )
Me: Simply puzzled and willing to ask how come he landed into this profession. But, no scope of talk... Hesitant to intervene in his personal space... i kept quite
AW4: (Almost 2 minutes before reaching destination at the crossroad) Actually I lost my father and wife 2 years ago. While we were returning from the funeral of my father , due to a crane dropping stone my wife expired on the spot. And now with this profession I am easily available to my kids whenever required. They study in Ryan International School. This profession is not reputable but i make money out of it. 1000 bucks easily  per day and take care of my kids. We have factory in Chandigargh, my brother takes care of it. But I have to be in Delhi with my kids.

Me: Speechless. Paid. Thanks!