Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thoughtful to mind! Mindful to thought!


Chain of thoughts: Entangled
Brain and Heart: Isolated
Boulevard of dreams:Blasted
Brain Neurons: Rapidly Moved/ Winning Marathons
Emotional Quotient:  Exceptionally High
Intelligence Quotient:  Error Encountered
Love Quotient: No data found
Vital Stats: Alive
Heart Beat:  Remotely ticking
Reader: Puzzled

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A little more... A little less

A little here or a little there...
...and you loose your balance

A little more you speak or a little less you listen
...and you loose the essence
 A little more concern or little less affection
...and you loose your presence

A little here or a little there...
...and you loose your stance

A little more you shed a little less you swallow
...and you drown in your tears
A little more of past a little less of morrow
...and you shiver in your fear

A little here or a little there...
...and you loose your glance

A little more of dew a little less of view
...and you dwell in tiny droplet
A little more you grew a little less you tew
...and you die in your coverlet

 A little here or a little there...
...and you loose your chance

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

At Crossroad!

Two souls met at crossroad. Destined to follow two different tracks, met at the cross section. Yes, they are at a crossroad! Its She, He and her heart. Living every moment more than before, Yes they are still at crossroad. People say opposite attracts, are they? ain't they?

Will the clock stop ticking for now. Yes they are still at crossroads! Destined to move in two different direction. Sweet memories to cherish, short talks to share. Yes, They loved the moment.But they have to move ahead without blocking others.

Searching for her own path, leaving behind trail of memories, she has to move on. In silence, every particle in surrounding reminds her of him. Despite her best efforts to overcome the thought, he keeps coming around.  Much to her dismay, she enjoyed his company. Will their fate take a 360 degree turn. Will he turn back.Will they meet again at another cross section.

Stop for a while, wait, inhale the cold breeze, feel it. Cherish your surrounding. A good sleep tonight would make tomorrows journey worthwhile. God has created someone for everyone. You are trading a good guy for bad guy for no guy.

 " Cause in this crazy world 
 A pleasure those, and she don't want 
 She needs to know where she belongs
She only wants to see what this has done to him and her
 Afraid if she turns on with nothing at all "
            - The Distance between them

Monday, July 1, 2013

If Only...

If Only…
You would know
Your demeanor tickles my heart
This melodious “Ha Ha” is only your art.

If Only …
You could feel
That warmth which creates ripples
With that soft touch my palm stipples

If Only …
You could understand
Those thousand faces are demonic
And my love for you is platonic

If Only…
I could tell you
I long for your presence
Those endless talks have its benevolence

If Only…
I could tell you
I am awestruck with your shine
I wish you could be mine

If Only…
I could tell you
I got everything, If I got you
Need nothing more than you