Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Trauma or Drama?

Day 1:
Eeewww, and there I am sitting in dentist awkward positioned chair.
Doc: How have you been girl? (Assistant hands over my past record file) Oh, long time. You visited last time in year 2008.
Me:  (Calculation going on in brain: 5 odd years, I murmur: and you had some opportunity loss; a patient visiting after long intervals is not a good sign). *Grin*
Doc: (Examines) Hmmm …where are your lower wisdom tooth? Not yet grown. Upper ones are cavitised too. Ok, we need to take x-ray for tooth 5/6 and then decide whether it will go for Root Canal or I can save it by mere filling.
Me: ( Nodding) Hmm, pls see if this sandwich filling would relief my pain. I don’t want it to turn into root canal.
Cavity: I have taken you into my trap, Girl! This good looking doc can’t save you.  Shell out some money; I have befriended all the docs! Com’on, Its business!!
Doc:  (Xray is done) Beta, Open your mouth! Inserts all sort of instruments, hits the cavity tooth, does temporary filling.
Me: Oouch, Ahhhhh.  (Some discussions over the table, details explained)
Me: and your charges… (If this : then X , If that : Then Y. details are given )

Day 2: 
Doc:   (Examines) Surely, it goes for Root Canal.  4-5 Sittings required!  
Cavity:  Fans gaya re!
Me: Ok , start  the procedure.
Instruments: Let’s play a football match in her mouth.
Doc: (Inserts mirror sort of object, suction pipe, some needle ; Half sitting chair is pushed to half lying one; Puts on his gloves)  Utters: 20 mm needle, 35, 25 … n what not
Me:  (Mouth wide open) , pain tickles down the jaw line. Eyebrows arose. I cry hard.
Doc: Injects some anesthesia, asks his assistant to check for patient waiting outside. Hmmm… More the merrier.
Me: (Imagination taking its roll) There should be a board “Caution! Work in Progress”.  This doctor is acting like an architect. No, more like a metro construction worker.  Needle penetrates till the root. I have clinched my fist. No relief!  … work is in still in progress.
Instruments: We played a good half an hour match. Though it’s a draw.
Cavity:  Time to Move to some other mouth, some other tooth! Common I create business for all.

Day 3:
(I had cancelled my previous appointment due to ill health)
Me: Waiting, waiting, waiting … few calls, checks whatsApp and sleeps on the couch. And then I am called inside. Its again same half laying half sitting chair.  I adjust myself comfortably. Yeah, quite used to I am.
Doc:  What happened, quite busy? Coming from College directly?
Me: Doc, I am working now. I have completed my post graduation as well.
Doc: Oh so sorry, mind gets stuck sometimes. The image is formed of year 2008. So you work 9 to 6, then gym and then dentist! Good.
( Doctor  opens up the filling, does cleaning and refills it temporarily. Some gum treatment as well)
Me & Doc: (Discussions over the table) My job profile, his business requirement, software he uses, wanna  go paperless, his fears and
Me: Doc, Can you make next appointment little earlier? (Appointment fixed)

Day 4:
(5 patients, long queue)
Me:  (Signals assistant, he comes out) I had an appointment at 8 p.m . Do I need to wait?
Assistant ( Kuldeep) : No Ma’am , you will be called first.
Doc:  (Discusses the condition and starts the treatment) No anesthesia required.
Me :  I raised my eyebrow, oouch!  
Doc: Hey ( Calling my sis name), oh sorry Siddhi ! It hurts?
Me: This doc remembers his first patient from my family.  Hmm, she introduced so many patients to him. Pure business!
Doc:  ( treatment is in progress)tum to thehre pardesi,  Laut ke kab aaoge. (Me: Awestruck, this doc wants his patients to come often :P) Sorry, taking a minute off.. am tired , my colleague went to US for higher studies. She was supporting me from last 3-4 years.  Again I need to handle all patients single handedly.
Next appointment: Saturday is off for you, Ok, in morning.  Then you make a decision for capping and all that will chargeable separately. Bill till date: Rs 5900.  My Eyes wide open.

Day 5:
Final Day arrived, Its Saturday!  Leisure day for me.  Appointment in the morning slot.
Doc: (Last Scene) does final filling and cleans each tooth.
Me:   ( All the time thinking- How would I get the bill claimed) Finally it is over. Yeah! I am relieved.
All the strenuous exercise mouth went through, at the end it would be repaid off.
Doc:  As a part of his practice shares some Do’s & Don’ts.
Me: Nodding every time! Ya, Ya. Ok Ok.