Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What are you looking for?

Real thing find its way to reveal it by some or other means! Is it so? Read it somewhere and now trying to figure it out while wandering in the lanes and by lanes of my thoughts.

This girl had dreams of her own, a disciplined kid since childhood, affirming with the rules and regulations, never to rebel anything for. And now she has grown up. She thinks a lot, about her past, present and future. She is not a fortune teller, nor even a foresighted who can figure out what is there in her kitty. But she knows that she is not looking for usual occurrences of life. Till date she was trapped in ripples created by day to day circumstances. Today she wants to be free. She wants to foresee the reasons behind her existence. What she has to accomplish before she dies?

Play, study, grow, engage, courtship, marriage, child, family, stress, liabilities, money, old age, disabilities or illness and then THE death???

Life is a full circle or is it a dense forest to be lost in or is it a mirage in a desert? Every stage of life has its own implications, meanings, pleasure, sadness, excitement and wonder element. But what if isn’t so? She doesn’t want to be tangled in any stage of life. And how about over jumping a stage, will it be possible?

How does one fetch answers to bubbling emotions and turmoil of thoughts? What exactly is she looking for, where can she find answers to her insane questions?