Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Saddi Dilli to ggn- unforgettable Journey

You are excited for your industry training but as days passes you realize its more about getting trained in how to reach to your destination. Fun, I claim it to be.

You jostle in the crowd to grab your seat,
You relate to every scene and beat.

You have always been known for your punctuality. Rather I would say you are over punctual. You enjoy being the early ones to enter your premises. Its Monday, you have been warned for not so frequent cab service and more no. of people to catch the service (those returning back to their PG for another Working week) So That Day…..

You were rushing to reach on time with margin of an hour in hand,
But got stuck on Highway with roaring engine and dried salivary gland.

Ah!!The engine was heated, it gulped liters of water. Still, could not recover from the shock of overweighed passengers. It betrayed you mid way and did not provide any other alternative. You are still new to this route.... yet to explore… unfamiliar roads.. different turns…  you cant trust anybody.

A red colored chevrolet stopped at your feet,
Responding to your gesture in this heat.

Great, This middle aged gentle man gave a free fifteen minutes ride in his luxury car. The AC was on, your sweat was gone. You forgot the last 2 hours dismaying journey in this heat.  Happy for the ending of your first successful lift. “But picture abhi baki hain mere dost”,  You have not reached your destination. You have to walk and walk , run for  ‘fut fut seva’ – the sharing auto, to reach to another stop. Again you walk …and reach after 3 hours of struggle… half drenched in the sweat.