Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why do we Yawn??

Last week I was travelling with one of my friend in metro after a tiresome day and started yawning like hell. Do hell with good manners, did not cover my mouth even… ah, whoever feels bad turn around!!

My friend scolded me but did not start yawning seeing me. Why??? Isn’t it contagious??Some says we yawn if someone else is yawning in our proximity. True in most of the cases. Catch sight of someone yawning, and nine times out of ten, you will yawn yourself within a few seconds.

But researchers have found that people with autism spectrum disorder don’t tend to succumb to an infectious yawn. Apparently, yawning becomes contagious at around one to two years of age, although unborn fetuses also yawn (presumably not contagiously though!)

In general Yawning is form of gesture of boredom or tiredness. Yes, I was tired that day. And my breathing process had slowed down. So it was a respiratory reflex where my brain sent continuous signals for intake of oxygen. Mind it…yawning is not bad manners. Lol… It’s just a signal of tiredness. Good that you are not bored to death!

Next time if your lecturer scolds you in course of imparting boring lectures, just chillax and say- I am maintaining the balance of o2 and co2. My brain and lung is working in coordination.

P.S : By the way, did you notice while reading this you yawned? Hopefully, it was not merely boredom that did it…