Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tagged - 7 things ppl don't know abt me

Pre script: Thanks to ankit for tagging, m quite irregular in blogging n generally very lazy with tags. But thn, recalled d grt advice frm grt frnd on teacher's day '09-" Siddhi, try to open up n share your feelings with those who care abt u". (these r nt d exact words but essence was same)

So here I go-

First of all things which u all know-

N those which u don't know-

1. I do not like to talk about myself. I m shy n introvert. Though my first impression is contrary.

2. I like travelling n visiting smallest of smallest ,not so known places in rural india.

3. I m helpful but at d same time mean too. I believe its a mutual admiration society n "self giving" is over hyped virtue.

4. I am always preoccupied with my thoughts n dreams. Yes I indulge in day dreaming.

5. I do not wish to opt for 9 to 5 job. Rather want to be a free lancer.

6. I indulge in comfort eating

7. I am scared of lizards.

Monday, December 21, 2009

In proud possession of the driving license

Did googlism, learned the traffic rules-but m still novice.
Took d learning test, passed in first attempt-but m still novice.
Got the learning license 6 months back- but m still a novice.
Drove many times in side lanes- but am still a novice.
Drove to kashmere gate in traffic hours- but m still a novice.
six months passed,last day to expiry of learning- but m still a novice.
Went to give a final try, yeah!!! I passed- m no more a novice.
Happy to pass without bribe!!
yeah.... hv d license to kill!!
Tighten up ur seatbelts, U moron!!
Am on my way!!