Thursday, November 20, 2008

palmistry or geometry?

Last night I was revising some geometry concepts,practising a few questions....
And then due to pain in my neck,put the pen down,straightened my back and somehow started staring at my palm.I was lost among those criss cross lines.The more i gazed,the more unfamiliar they became.

And I stared some more with some sort of frustration and anger....thinking what would these lines signify?Why is there so much of mess? So many lines... How could a palmist interpret it?Is our future written in this graphical form? Ooooo Is palmistry that interesting?What if I rub it off and write something else,whatever i wish!! Is it possible?

 My brain was ablaze.But suddenly it took a steep turn,pushed the palmistry to back stage.And then I was floating in pool of geometry,those familiar figures.Ah! there it was,a hexagon at the left top,and i could recall all of its properties.Ha ha ,what a way of revising concepts.

Again my brain peered at my palm- to search some more figures?To revise more concepts?Or to find those hidden meanings?Don't know,but I could spot some more- rectangle,||gm, triangles(obtuse n acute).. eeeeeee

And those 4 lines,resembling tic-tac-toe.Ha Ha am gonna play that.

( after all as a comp sc. stu we have been doing it again n again... in SS(302),AI(605)...)