Friday, May 9, 2008

Friends forever...

Its all about you and I,
sitting together under the open sky.

Talking for hours,dreaming together,
those wonderful memories we would gather.

Merrily driving on lonely lanes,
we would enjoy in heavy rains.

moments of happiness or pain,
each bit of sharing would not go in sain.

I would listen for hours when u would say,
days,months,years would pass in this way.

striving together achieving great heights,
would never break the bond indulging in stupid fights.

laughing on silly jokes, crying on each others shoulder,
painting these memories we will grow older.

ps: dedicated to all my close friends,yes it includes U!!

"Alone I can only say,but together we can shout.Alone I can only smile, but together we can laugh.Alone I can only live, but together we can celebrate"