Monday, February 18, 2008


Fly….. cranes fly…
There in the blue
And silent sky.

Across the miles
Beyond the seasons
Over the ocean
Beyond horizons

So fly…let’s fly…
With silver wings of hope
Fly ,let us fly.

Fear not the morrow
Or the tough way
She watches over us
All night and day.

Fear not the morrow
Fear not the day
She is there to guide us
In every way.

When the wings tire
Just turn to Her
Soft arms will gather us
Loving tender.

So fly…. O let’s fly
Fear not the future
Cease not to try

Fly… fly…fly…

Monday, February 11, 2008

अद्भुत यन्त्र

मैं गई अपने मष्तिष्क में ,
वहाँ मैंने एक यन्त्र चलते देखा
बड़ी तीव्र गति थी उस यन्त्र की ,
रुकने का नाम ही नही लेता

वहाँ बैठे बैठे , खो गई मैं ख्यालो में,
इश्वर के इस रचनात्मक कार्य में
समझ न सकी इसकी तीव्रता का राज़,
सोचती रह गई , क्यों है यह हमारा ताज़

अपनी मस्ती में चलता यह,कभी इठलाता कभी इतराता ,
मानो समझता हो अपने आपको यह विश्व का राजा
क्या है इसका अनोखा राज़ ,
क्यों हुकुम चलाता है यह बन सरताज

समझ सकी ना मैं इसका राज़
बड़ा अद्भुत है इसका काज

p.s- Inspiration from manju di

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Confusion persists...

Confusion is widespreading all over-inside me,outside me,all around me.Its like fire which is burning each an every tissue,cell of my brain.Has my brain stop functioning?Has it lost its ability to think? The thought process is striving to jump to results,but outcome.

confusion.....confusion... and confusion..

What should be my next step so as to take up the right direction? I am standing at a point from where i can see many paths,but alas! none seems intresting to me.Which path should i follow to start off my future journey?Each one is so long that other end is invisible,it fades into darkness.
If i choose any would i be able to find my goal n achieve it? What am i looking for? what are my interests? God!!! please help